Calm feelings

calm rainy afternoons   

It is a mind blowing game, reality. An ever changing, constantly flowing river that we are in, showing its calm sides and its rough, wild streams, some small or large waterfalls that either end up on quiet lakes or take us further away to more rough streams. Sometimes we get washed ashore for a while and then, when we regain our strength, we dive back in.

Each of us are on this river in a different way. Either swimming, where others are better or worst swimmers than the rest, or using a piece of wood to float, a canoe or a boat… Each and every one of us will end our journey into the deep, vast, powerful ocean. Our lives are the river and we are in a constant fight with the currents.

Right now I feel that I am in one of the quiet lakes. I feel its beauty and its calmness. I also have the feeling of some stream coming my way soon. Maybe one with separate branches. A double or triple path-way. And I know I will be forced to choose. But till then, I will enjoy the moment, the serenity of the lake… The simple early mornings making breakfast at my home kitchen and enjoying time with souls I love, the rainy afternoons with a warm coffee in my hands and an endless, quiet gaze outside the window. My love for dreams and the constant hope of making them a reality. Getting to know myself, after a long time of caring for others as an excuse. A glass of red wine at night.


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