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The island didn’t always use to be a blessing for me. Well, blessing may be a little too strong of a word to use for such a thing, but in a way, it is. Now it is the place I get my freedom, but I used to hate coming here. Everything was surrounded by a dark fog of doubt, anxiety, stress, fear, loss and depression. It was a dark period for me, those five years after I lost my dad on the island. He was alone and it was a car crash.

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Whatever followed after that was just forced, stressful and hateful tasks that I had to take over, sad feelings, mixed thoughts, wrong loves and lost moments of life. Only some glimpses of light where occasionally appearing, just to be lost again after a while. But I managed to get through it. And now, although I would not say everything is perfect, I feel much better, I love myself much more and I am starting to let things get unblocked and developed.

I promised to my mirror that without any hesitation, I would throw myself into the lion’s den and confront as many of my fears as possible. Plus, start doing the things I love. No matter how late, crazy, funny or “wrong” that would seem to others. I will not throw myself away that easily, so some of you out there can stop being at such a rest. I am not out of the way yet.


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