I dreamed of…


I am often dreaming. Day-dreaming to be more exact. Its is not reality that I want to avoid. It is myself in this reality. Since I realised that I am not the best judge of me, I try to detour from my “real-life” conversations with myself and how “I do” in the everyday tasks and try to take it a bit further. To a place I like, with a hint of reality but more of a surreal setting and plenty of dreaming. That place has no judgement, as it has no logic or anything that can be “counted” and compared.

This is where I live. Lately I am in a self-project of bringing a little bit of this day dreaming in my everyday life. Trying to merge the 2 worlds. Starting with spaces. Creating feelings, taking pictures of those feelings. Even if they last only a moment, a “click” in my day, the picture will remain forever. And that is everything. Slowly building a new “virtual” reality that will eventually take over my own. It may sound a bit crazy, but we can make life what we want to be. Everything is about perception. As of now, I will start perceiving the world in a fairy-tale way. I need more of that. I may even grow wings, who knows…


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