When life gives you lemons…

There are some days that are just happy days. Nothing special happening. Just calm, relaxing, stress free, usually sunny, happy days. I love when this happens. When you wake up in the morning with lemon-pie cravings and an Illy espresso to go with it. These days also tend to run fast and the evening comes before you notice. That is why I try to observe every feeling, every quiet moment, every flavour, smell and texture. My cat also seems to be very good at observing obviously… 😛

It is what life is all about. Those short duration, simple moments, that if perceived right and given the proper attention, they will deliver great emotions of happiness and fulfilment. Yes, a simple lemon-pie and the ability to value that pie, not for its cost, or momentary sweetness, not even its calorie value. But the feeling it can produce and all that it has to offer, just sitting there on the table waiting.

This, I believe, is what life is about. Those moments. There is nothing we can take with us when we are gone. But these simple moments will take us there happy and full. And that is something worth trying to conquer.


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  1. The photos are beautiful and look delicious. Yes, really in the end all we have are the moments we treasured.

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    1. Dione says:

      Thank you! I like that you see it this way too.
      I think everyone of us would be a better person, just by valuing small moments more…


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