Happy October days



I often suspected that Autumn colors are the best colors a season can have. Now I am sure. All these yellows, oranges, reds, browns. A color scheme fit for the best artist that is nature. It is also the first time in my life I actually buy a pumpkin! A humble, little pumpkin for 1,5 Euro, that managed to make me happy all day today! I woke up during mid-day in this lazy Sunday and just after making a cup of filter coffee (hazelnut flavor of course), I gave my pumpkin the attention it deserved. I didn’t have much light though as it was cloudy and quite late in the day, although enough light to play a little bit with all these wonderful colors and textures. I started with taking pictures, then moved on to cooking it in a rather exciting and spicy recipe and ended up carving it like a little child (which is so easy and fun that I do not know why Halloween isn’t a more globalized day. – Or is it?). So, this is the first part of my dear pumpkin’s day with the recipe to follow in the next post! yum #buyoctoberhellonovember


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