Thoughts by the fireplace…

Humidity has made its appearance this afternoon, although it is a gorgeous sunny November that actually feels like April. Sitting by the fireplace, just staring at the fire can make you think a little more deeply than usual and this is what is happening for me right now. I enjoy these moments with a cup of tea in my hand and my cat on my lap, even though overanalyzing usually makes me end up with vexing conclusions about the world.

I have always felt that there is plenty of “unjust” around us. And it doesn’t have to do with me or my way of setting goals and achieving them or not. Nor this is a post about how people don’t get me and stuff. Not at all. After the social media era I happen to observe people’s behaviour (including my own) and how easier it is for anybody to “sell” themselves. I am not a critic on that. Anybody can do as they please and sometimes it is even just, because people equally get the change to get as much exposed as they wish to be, without having to ask permission from anyone. Although I agree with some “soul sucking” opinions about the social media, I believe that not an excessive use of them can actually be beneficial.

This is just a random thought on self esteem issues that everyone faces every now and then and how, sometimes, worthless people get overvalued just because they happened to be at the right place the right time, or more correctly, have the right connections. I am friends with extremely talented and smart people on Facebook or Twitter, or Instagram, everyday people that do what they do out of passion and as a hobby and happen to be way better than some professionals out there. And that makes we wonder, is art something worth fighting for anymore? Have we got open minds for new things or it just disturbs the security of what we are used to? Are the “critics” or the “curators” or the “pros” actually helping new ideas to come forward or this too is like the example with the cheap and expensive wines? Art is something subjective and the best way to value something, I believe, is the result it gives to you and you alone and how it makes YOU feel. Just like you wouldn’t eat a food you do not like, you should not “eat” art just because someone said it is good for you.

I just wish sometimes, that we would all go back to the way we were as children, when experimenting was normal, even trying was a success, feeling ashamed of failure was never an option and positive energy and non judgemental attitude was the norm.

We should really go back to that. It is good for us. It will be good for the world too…

I have to bring more wood for the fire now. x


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