Anthropologie – November favorites

Lately, I am experiencing particularly calm feelings. Such, that I had almost forgotten, given the pressure and difficulties and inner searching and mood swings of the last years. I don’t know if this will last long but I try to enjoy every moment as much as I can. I have so much going on in my head that sometimes it feels like a hard drive that has passed the red line capacity and is struggling in the smallest files. This is why it is so important for me to try and organize all these thoughts and ideas and urges and try to articulate them into small visual blog posts. It helps me de-fragment my brain. And I enjoy the process.

When it comes to style, I love simplicity. And I love cozy and clean. Clean in shape I mean. Lately I have been getting into the “giving” mood, de-clutering all of these unnecessary clothes and things at home and donating them to the ones in need. Still need to minimize and update but in all this “keeping only the good ones” idea, I accidentally followed my “first world” self into a bit of pinning and winter mood. This reminded me of some personal favorites that I have and always go back to when it comes to internet shopping. This is a “would like to have” board for this month, that I will try to refrain myself from, but still, I could not resist from sharing and I think I will start doing, from selected places every month. Ok then. Loves from Anthropologie.

Here you go:

Hollyton Coffee Table, Circle   A Year In Cheese   

Dip-Dyed Side Table    Cara Leather Mitten Gloves

Vignette Mug    Prairie Chunky Throw


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