My new love for handcrafted ceramics.

So these last few days I had to go out of town for some business visits, but I am happy I managed to meet with good friends and share some moments – and drinks with them. A lovely company of people, who I know from University times and with whom I have apparently formed that kind of relationship (you only get with good people), of being able to take up where we left off the last time I was there (that was a year ago). I love this when it happens.

Amongst one of our conversations of “how we do” and “how things are going” we started talking about the charm of ceramics and how, this friend has taken up classes and finds it really relaxing and stress-free (besides the perks of slowly creating her own dowry!) :P. When I came back, I was thinking about how much more beautiful the handmade objects are and how nice it would be to have a kitchen filled with plates and mugs and bowls and spoons and whatever you can imagine, all made by you! As this was simultaneously rejected from my brain (I know that personally, I would have been a disaster in this), I begun searching a bit on the internet and stumbled upon some pretty amazing ceramics artists around the world. I decided that one in particular made me stay way longer on her page and that was worth sharing. I really love these organic forms, handmade feel, craftsmanship and of course the golden details! Her name is Bridget Bodenham and all photo content is from her website. She has a pretty cool Instagram too (@bridgetbodenham)! 

Hello wish list!

small_white_dotty_tripod_planter BB-Work-8

brown_treasure_cup_gold BB-Work-9


BB_june0068 small_white_dotty_tripod_planter

SBASH-PBP-BB-WEB-022 wing_condiment_bowl_spots_gold_with_spoon


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