Those early mornings






There is a particular time early in the morning that time moves slower. It is unfortunate that most of us don’t have the time (ironic) to feel those moments, the smells and chill and early dew. Everything moves in-between the seconds then and there is plenty of time to reflect and slowly prepare your mind and body for the rest of the day. No rush, no violent alarm clocks, no running. Just a warm coffee (or two) and a nice breakfast. I personally turn on the radio in low volume for the morning news and some music. It just makes you wake up happier like this and although you think you might lose some sleep minutes because you woke up 1 hour earlier, you are actually much more energised during the day. The fortunate weather conditions of this particularly sunny November with the first rays of light coming through the kitchen window complete the scene into a particularly positive situation to be in. It is good for our souls to give such quality time to ourselves. At least every now and then. Precious moments for the most precious time of the day and one small step towards much healthier life choices. Have a nice day!


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