Light, fresh ideas, and Danai-Vintage

Oh! the light, how it can change everything. Our ideas, our thoughts, the scenery itself. I enjoy the light. It is this time of the year again that everything starts appearing clear, as if the dark grey cloud of the winter moodiness is about to fade. And it is. Although it is the season of responsibilities and hectic preparations for me and my “means of surviving”, I hugely enjoy the most-needed comeback of inner urge for creativity. Well the truth is that (as I have said before), I think I passed a 10 year creativity plateau that I finally see fading away. The light that I always observed externally, is now coming from within, pushing me to get rid of old, unwanted, rotten situations and people and make a new start, even if this means to stay by myself for a while…

I just wanted to share that. Don’t know why. Maybe because the pictures accompanying this post are bright. Maybe because I wanted to make a parallel comparison with the bottom of the empty pool and its white walls as a sort of a “blank paper” that forces me to use it. Or fill it in order to emerge on the surface again. Or maybe it’s just Sofia’s clothes and her crazy and full of great ideas mind, that made me want to work on her “Vintage Japanese” view of this lovely tailor-made coat, the most Japanese way I know. Minimal. I will accompany my pictures inside the pool, with her selected japanese prints as I really loved how it all came together. Please follow her Facebook page “DANAI-Vintage” and give her a thumbs up. All clothes are second-hand and for sale in great prices! More to come soon!



IMG_9226 copy copy_sm

IMG_9569 copy copy_sm

IMG_9395 copy copy_sm

IMG_9428 copy copy_sm


IMG_9021 copy copy_sm

IMG_9546 copy copy_sm

IMG_9161 copy copy_sm

IMG_9307 copy copy_sm


IMG_9448 copy copy_sm


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