A small step towards clarity…

I took an afternoon walk into the fields, just me and my camera (and, oh well, the bugs). It is amazing how nature has everything planned into perfection. Every little detail, every function, every curve and every edge. Nothing exists for no reason. I love how some delicate looking plants have such a strong pinch when you brush up against them, I love how they always find the way to curl around a hard and cold looking fence, how magnificent they look as a unit, but as a whole as well, and oh, how they light up as the sun passes through their delicate, almost transparent parts…

As I was silently observing, ruining the calm with occasional clicks, I got a revelation. Having lived the last years in hectic mode, over-concentrating tasks and to-do lists made me a very efficient robot, but a soulless one . It is not a joke you know. There is this danger that some people say, of disconnecting from who you are and it is as real as it gets. You lose the communication of your inner self with the external edges of your body and soul in ways that are quite frankly scary. You forget to see, really see the magnificence surrounding you without including thoughts that cover your eyes with tar, you forget to hear, or smell nature, food, moments, people… You forget to touch and be touched. And stay there for a while, let it get to you, without thoughts, like a tulle vail against the window breeze. That is what I felt today. And after so much time of pure loneliness, I let myself go just a tiny bit, with no concerns… And you know what. It was amazing. And a small step towards clarity.

IMG_1788 copy

IMG_1804 copy

IMG_1809 copy

IMG_1831 copy

IMG_1840 copy

IMG_1847 copy

IMG_1848 copy

IMG_1862 copy



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  1. Jacques says:

    Nice set of thoughts and pics. Always good to look again at the clever ways of Mother Nature. Well done.


    1. Dione says:

      Thank you so much Jacques!


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