Mirror mirror…

But the question is always the same? Who am I? Do I really know myself? In years of thinking about it I have come to one conclusion about this matter, which actually makes things even more complicated than simply “knowing”. There is no solid self. There is a core, a bag full of abilities, feelings, beliefs, characteristics and then there is each situation that forms all these randomly placed things into several orders. I believe that there is no solid order for anyone. We are beings of interaction. Socially integrated into communities all of our lives. This molds us, shapes us and eventually makes us act accordingly. Has it ever happened to you to act in different manners depending on the person you had in front of you each given time? And has it also occurred that you ever shaped or shifted a little bit your ways because you believed you must be in sync with someone’s opinion of you? Well I believe this happens to all of us constantly during our lifetime. We, as social beings, are shaping ourselves depending on the idea that we have of the other person’s idea of us. It is kind of a twisted reality, but just as with most big questions in life, I have the notion that we will only get to know our real selves, if we come to terms with the idea that we will never actually will and that is how wide our spectrum is. In the end, the “right person” as we call it, might be the one that will open-hearteadly project his or her best idea of us, back to its source.









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