The Future Kept and some new autumn favorites

Well, I know I have not been posting much lately, as I am always busier during summer season and … you know, posting not only means time but inspiration and the right mood as well. The truth is that my mind (and body) was otherwise engaged and I consider this as a perfect period of letting go and starting afresh.

I did not do any of these kind of posts (of personal favorites – see “Wish List” in Categories) for ages and I honestly thought I would stop, but I recently re-opened Pinterest and amidst the flood of ideas and things (which suddenly make me feel the need and urge to do or buy everything I stumble upon), I have discovered THIS cute online shop, from which I already have some personal favorites and although it is not my birthday soon, ehm, can anybody hear me?

So, here we go:


Uashmama Lunch Bag Dark Grey


Waterproof Wool Picnic Blanket Brown


Mountain Ceramic Mug


Rosemary, Thyme + Mint Herbal Bath Oil


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