Lefkada. Our first Retreat. Gather, relax, enjoy.

Us humans are sociable creatures. We like to meet, gather, exchange, learn from each other, discover, mingle. But we also love peaceful moments, relaxation, wellness, finding a deeper connection with our mind and bodies, taking care of ourselves. We also love good food. So what if we could combine all of the above into one magical week at a private Villa complex surrounded by unspoiled nature with breathtaking sea views? Let me introduce you to our first Retreat.

It was always a wish of mine, to be able to upgrade our hospitality business (my side occupation) and extend Quiet Whistle’s creativity to collaborations with talented, energetic people in order to host a successful summer retreat. This year, this wish came true due to my new friend Lindy Grant’s ideas and her lovely “Pilates and Mindfulness” program, that took place at Diodati Villas (our family business) this September. Pilates by the pool, Minfulness hour, Rolfing sessions (a newly discovered love of mine) by Lefkas-Rolfing and the second new friend I had the pleasure to meet this summer, the sweet Bente Anastasia Algreen-Ussing, private dinners by the talented Constantinos Tarambicos, table styling by QW and many interesting excursions around the lovely island of Lefkada.

I understood how important it is to create beautiful collaborations and to have the pleasure of finding people that have the same visions with you. Everybody worked perfectly in their field and gave their own expertise to what we can safely call, a very successful Summer Villa Retreat. Directly after the ending of this first attempt, new ideas were born and many more will come as we are already organizing a second retreat for June 2017!

NEW! Retreat dates are up:
21st To 28th of June, 2017 for a week of healthy relaxation, Pilates, Mindfulness, sailing and sun. The dates have just been announced and you can contact Pilates and Mindfulness‘ Lindy, for prices and details!

Here are some photos from the retreat that took place this year.

Photos by Lindy Grant and Dione Kal (Quiet Whistle).


Our lovely group


The two Pilates teachers



Rolfing sessions


Enjoying an ice cream on the beach


Paddle boarding!


Mindfulness session!





Private dinner table settings




Sea food dinner cooked on the spot


Guests enjoying their private dinners


See you next time!


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