Lost Obsessive Violent Emotional

Insomnia is the least of my problems right now, as the night ahead seems to be long and filled with contrasting thoughts. What does it mean to love someone? To actually feel things for them beyond apparent reason or logic? Is this normal? Safe? Sane? Or just a passing infatuation that will last only a blink of an eye (which somehow will feel like an eternity)?

And if this is so, how much is the net worth of such love? Does it have any value or is its value inflated by the biggest liar that are the eyes? How much are we prepared to endure for such love? And when does our logic step over?

Finally, will we ever be safe? Do you survive from strong feelings and unforgettable moments? Are these enough to wipe away everything else? I just hope to fall asleep soon enough. Right before I get the answer to any of the above.


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