Villa Mimosa – A small paradise in Lefkada island

I know, I know. I never write anything these days. Well, what can I say. Inspiration does not come easily when you spend the whole day running like a crazy person for the everyday errands. It is actually very hard as when posting something on the blog I do not just write my thoughts, I also have to stage, take and edit photos in order for them to follow a certain aesthetic, the one I keep in my Instagram account. I love consistency in visual content but I also find it very hard to maintain sometimes, as when you change places, or when the light is different, or when you do not have the right editing tools, the results vary considerably. That is why I am a bit slow in posting and the posts in that account are all #latergrams more that “insta(nt)grams. Take a look at the link above and tell me what you think. I would love to know.

Now back to paradise. I lately had the luck to visit one of the most amazing places here in the island of Lefkada. Ηοw? Well, I am one of those lucky ones, you know. The ones that get to eat chef’s food at home. 😉 Kostas is a private chef, so I do not mind at all when he tells me to join him for a little assistance in his appointments at Villas all around the island and beyond! I go, I help and some times, I get to take the photos. This particular place is small private “village” of 6 little houses and a central, bigger one, that are hidden amongst trees and all kinds of plants, with little narrow pathways connecting them, all surrounding the most beautiful pool I’ve ever seen. A combination of Bali and Lefkadian Architecture with fine touches of luxury. The serenity, feng-sui and aesthetics of the place are so well designed that I could not stop taking photos of details after details, trying to absorb every idea that I saw (that was the Architect in me). I will stop with the descriptions now and try to let you travel in there via some photos*…

*I was not allowed to enter into every corner of this place as is is actually a rental, but trust me, you will get it the feeling. Enjoy!
















If you need more details about this wonderful place, you can check here: Villa Mimosa.




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