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Quiet Whistle is a blog about the everyday, the constant, the sincere, the things that matter, the creation, the love about all things natural and all things old, weathered and vintage. The past wisdom, the cozy home, the occasional recipe and the unavoidable thoughts.

It is a hard place we live in. A dull, cruel, cold, unjust world that needs our constant effort and a part of our hearts in order to become what it needs to be. Beautiful, unique, sincere, logical and true.

It is an artistic lifestyle blog written in English, by a Greek mind and a universal heart.

I got a camera as a present and now I got a magic wand that can create my ever-hidden, fairytale reality, filled with images and wanderlust. It teaches me how to see, really see things every day and then I create my stories. Everyday, mundane, slow-living, cozy-feeling, happy-place stories that I longed for, for so many years and suddenly I discovered that a simple lens can help bring to life what was always already here, in my head. It is how I want my reality to be. So I create it through my camera. An ever soft cloud that carries my good days and covers my bad ones with a little bit of still-life inspiration and the simple need to share all this a little bit further out in the world.

PS: Please excuse my occasional language errors.

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