I was never loud, never the life of the party and never talkative. I was always whistling quietly whenever the time felt right and whenever I could articulate my thoughts. A clear introvert. I always had the tendency to view things in an “artsy” way, but I consider myself a “blocked” artist, singer, designer or whatever other skills I may have and this situation has lasted for more than 10 years now (not for no logical reason), so now I must call myself a good observer with an “eye” for good detail and some occasionally good ideas that I never have the time to work on…

If you asked, I would say that I consider myself happy and quite bright and I always tend to accomplish whatever tasks people assign me to. Except what I described before. But it’s ok. I once saw one of these videos of the universe and our earth getting lost in its immensity and no, I am not that self-centered.

Oh, and I love sushi. And milk-chocolate filled with strawberry mousse and chilly flavored olive oil and winter nights in a village by the fireplace and star-gazing on the beach in the summer. And all things that have to do with pasta. And the combination of chestnut paste and white chocolate. And holding a mug with fresh warm coffee beside the window on a rainy day. And Christmas. And a newly discovered appreciation of the sea and all that it has to offer.

I split my year between Athens and Lefkada island. The second one due to work reasons, but with a tendency to love that last one a little bit more…

You can also find me here: Instagram @quietwhistle | Email: quietwhistleblog@gmail.com.