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You know this feeling of not being able to conceive time? That sometimes it slips through your fingers and you wake up suddenly to realize that well, maybe you could have done more to take advantage of that time when you could? And that probably you even lost some of those precious moments over-thinking, or searching what was wrong with you, when nothing actually was? Well that is exactly how I experienced this ending. Like coming out of some cold, rigid, empty space, that used to have some sort of color, but on the other hand was bound to decay since the very beginning. And yes, it is maybe the maintenance that was lacking, or the materials themselves, but nevertheless it happened. The problem is that when something progresses so slowly and smoothly into its own doom, you hardly realize it on time and most probably you will loose much more than expected.  There will always be doubt on whether you did the right thing or not, or if you are just plain paranoid. But even if your mind does not want to admit it, your guts will. And it will come out eventually, one way or the other. That is where I am at right now. Accepting that it eventually did come out the hard way, but at least it did.

It is a strange mix of relief and sadness. Joy and deep sorrow. Lost hours of overthinking, inaction, unfulfilled needs, moments of patience, shallow laughter, deep questions. Years vanished for empty reasons. But then again nothing is. On the contrary. I gained much more that I could have ever wished for. Strength, abilities, knowledge, power, wisdom, maturity, experience and a profound confidence that I can achieve whatever I set my mind into. Cause I was left alone. And I succeeded in finding myself alone. And this makes me grateful for the experience…

Oh, hey! Thank you for those few happy moments, I am sorry if I forgot. You can keep the change. You will probably need it. There is no going back now by the way. Xoxo

(You were never reading any of this anyways).



The Future Kept and some new autumn favorites

Well, I know I have not been posting much lately, as I am always busier during summer season and … you know, posting not only means time but inspiration and the right mood as well. The truth is that my mind (and body) was otherwise engaged and I consider this as a perfect period of letting go and starting afresh.

I did not do any of these kind of posts (of personal favorites – see “Wish List” in Categories) for ages and I honestly thought I would stop, but I recently re-opened Pinterest and amidst the flood of ideas and things (which suddenly make me feel the need and urge to do or buy everything I stumble upon), I have discovered THIS cute online shop, from which I already have some personal favorites and although it is not my birthday soon, ehm, can anybody hear me?

So, here we go:


Uashmama Lunch Bag Dark Grey


Waterproof Wool Picnic Blanket Brown


Mountain Ceramic Mug


Rosemary, Thyme + Mint Herbal Bath Oil


Kinfolk Volume Seventeen

All photos in this post belong to thefuturekept.com.



Love you both

I remembered something these days. Something a little bit forgotten, or just lost somewhere in the back of my brain. I got a lesson. I was witnessing it this whole week that they came to visit in the island. They showed me love and how it should be like, all over again. It is what they have and it is simple really. Complete understanding. Trust. Care. Anxiety for each others well being. Unconditional love. Kind words. Some lovely fights. Hugs. Each other. Friendship. Admiration for each other. Humor. A united team. Soulmates.

Thank you for the lesson. I almost forgot.

Love you both so much.

All photos by Maria Drossou and Quiet Whistle.












Mirror mirror…









But the question is always the same? Who am I? Do I really know myself? In years of thinking about it I have come to one conclusion about this matter, which actually makes things even more complicated than simply “knowing”. There is no solid self. There is a core, a bag full of abilities, feelings, beliefs, characteristics and then there is each situation that forms all these randomly placed things into several orders. I believe that there is no solid order for anyone. We are beings of interaction. Socially integrated into communities all of our lives. This molds us, shapes us and eventually makes us act accordingly. Has it ever happened to you to act in different manners depending on the person you had in front of you each given time? And has it also occurred that you ever shaped or shifted a little bit your ways because you believed you must be in sync with someone’s opinion of you? Well I believe this happens to all of us constantly during our lifetime. We, as social beings, are shaping ourselves depending on the idea that we have of the other person’s idea of us. It is kind of a twisted reality, but just as with most big questions in life, I have the notion that we will only get to know our real selves, if we come to terms with the idea that we will never actually will and that is how wide our spectrum is. In the end, the “right person” as we call it, might be the one that will open-hearteadly project his or her best idea of us, back to its source.

BCN in pictures …and feelings

If I could travel constantly, I would. If I could have a life on the road, I would too. That is how much I love seeing places and experiencing new things. One of the biggest concerns in my life is not having done too much until I am gone, although I see that fulfilling this dream of freedom that I get, may take a while – or yet, never happen. It is not the cities, their smells, their people and colors that I long for. Nor are the tastes, the scenery, the landscapes and the picturesque villages. It is the need of being free to go wherever that I have. And the fairytale-like feelings that occur on the encounter with the unknown. The end goal would be a no-return ticket to lets-get-lost-wherever-the-fuck-land. But for now I got my small dose of happiness from a “forest of fairies” that is Barcelona…



















IMG_2339 (1)

IMG_2349 (1)

IMG_2364 (1)



IMG_2400 (1)

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IMG_2413 (1)

IMG_2434 (1)

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This last trip, with the city opening its bright spectrum to me, came into full alignment with a brighter kind of spectrum I felt inside. It “clicked” in place so perfectly well, that it is actually difficult to walk away from, even if I am constantly making this effort. Oh what the hell… I have come to realize that some things are just meant to appear to you like a passing butterfly, with which you will keep up as long as you can, until it gets lost again. But at least you will always be happy that they came your way for a while… I hope so at least.


A small step towards clarity…

IMG_1788 copy

IMG_1804 copy

IMG_1809 copy

IMG_1831 copy

IMG_1840 copy

IMG_1847 copy

IMG_1848 copy

IMG_1862 copy

I took an afternoon walk into the fields, just me and my camera (and, oh well, the bugs). It is amazing how nature has everything planned into perfection. Every little detail, every function, every curve and every edge. Nothing exists for no reason. I love how some delicate looking plants have such a strong pinch when you brush up against them, I love how they always find the way to curl around a hard and cold looking fence, how magnificent they look as a unit, but as a whole as well, and oh, how they light up as the sun passes through their delicate, almost transparent parts…

As I was silently observing, ruining the calm with occasional clicks, I got a revelation. Having lived the last years in hectic mode, over-concentrating tasks and to-do lists made me a very efficient robot, but a soulless one . It is not a joke you know. There is this danger that some people say, of disconnecting from who you are and it is as real as it gets. You lose the communication of your inner self with the external edges of your body and soul in ways that are quite frankly scary. You forget to see, really see the magnificence surrounding you without including thoughts that cover your eyes with tar, you forget to hear, or smell nature, food, moments, people… You forget to touch and be touched. And stay there for a while, let it get to you, without thoughts, like a tulle vail against the window breeze. That is what I felt today. And after so much time of pure loneliness, I let myself go just a tiny bit, with no concerns… And you know what. It was amazing. And a small step towards clarity.

“Bugatsa” desert in a delicious version

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

Bugatsa recipe

In the midst of undoubtedly crazy times, hectic preparations, trouble solving tasks, some personal ups and downs and the usual unresting mind that keeps me company as the base of it all, I will put it simply. One needs sugar. And if sugary feelings lack, one needs even more sugar. That is when my dear friend Laura comes in as the most gifted and yet modest and hard working person I know. She is a true gem to us at work (in the hospitality business) and to me personally.

You know these days that your soul is kind of lost and to the blackish side and then a smily face appears, holding a warm coffee and a super delicious, cinnamon – cream, freshly baked, right out of the oven “bugatsa” desert? Well I thought I should share it, as of some general demand for the recipe (our guests got their treats too of course)😉

“Bugatsa”, recipe by Laura Pone.


2 vanillas
1 glass fresh milk
1 glass sugar
500ml cream milk
20 gr baking powder
1 packet Filo pastry sheets
powder sugar
125 gr melted butter
4 eggs

Making of the crust “base”

Grease the baking pan surfaces with butter.

Open the “Filo” pastry sheets carefully and cut them in half along their wide side. Place them all in one stack, taking one by one, carefully butter the sheet, sprinkle some sugar on top, fold it in half and lift it by pinching the sheet in the center, folding it like an upside down pouch. Place it in the pan and continue with all the sheets.

Place the pan with the “Filo” pouches in the oven, on the upper rack, for about 25 mins at 120°C. They are ready when they become golden brown.

Making of the cream filling

In a large bowl, add the sugar and the eggs and mix well. Then add the milk, the cream and mix again. Finally add the baking powder and vanillas and mix again.

When the “Filo” pouches are ready, take the pan out of the oven, and carefully pour the cream mixture all over the pan. Place again the pan in the oven, on the lower rack, for about 25 mins at 150°C.

Once ready, remove from the oven, sprinkle powder sugar and cinnamon on top and enjoy!

Better served hot.

Thank you Laura!❤

Α butterfly for Danai-Vintage

But how can you spread your wings and fly? Will they let you? I often ask myself if I think too much or too little of the things I am “supposed” to do. That society asks of me. The unwritten “rules” and “regulations” with which I must comply in order for the others to feel at ease…

Am I too old? Or still too young? What do I feel? What do they let me feel? Do I still have time to do the things I always wanted to do? And if this is so, why haven’t I started yet? What am I waiting for? The right time? People? Feelings? Or am I just setting fake goals in order to make it impossible to ever catch them. Will my subconscious tell me “See I told you”, then? Or do I just enjoy the endless ours of daydreaming? Too many unanswered questions, I know. Maybe they are supposed to remain so. In order for my inner butterfly to finally be able to crack its cocoon open by itself. I hope so at least.

One thing I do know for sure. People can be proven wrong.

Shirt and skirt by Danai-Vintage.
Photography, styling and idea: Dione Kal.




Light, fresh ideas, and Danai-Vintage


IMG_9226 copy copy_sm

IMG_9569 copy copy_sm

IMG_9395 copy copy_sm

IMG_9428 copy copy_sm


IMG_9021 copy copy_sm

IMG_9546 copy copy_sm

IMG_9161 copy copy_sm

IMG_9307 copy copy_sm


IMG_9448 copy copy_sm

Oh! the light, how it can change everything. Our ideas, our thoughts, the scenery itself. I enjoy the light. It is this time of the year again that everything starts appearing clear, as if the dark grey cloud of the winter moodiness is about to fade. And it is. Although it is the season of responsibilities and hectic preparations for me and my “means of surviving”, I hugely enjoy the most-needed comeback of inner urge for creativity. Well the truth is that (as I have said before), I think I passed a 10 year creativity plateau that I finally see fading away. The light that I always observed externally, is now coming from within, pushing me to get rid of old, unwanted, rotten situations and people and make a new start, even if this means to stay by myself for a while…

I just wanted to share that. Don’t know why. Maybe because the pictures accompanying this post are bright. Maybe because I wanted to make a parallel comparison with the bottom of the empty pool and its white walls as a sort of a “blank paper” that forces me to use it. Or fill it in order to emerge on the surface again. Or maybe it’s just Sofia’s clothes and her crazy and full of great ideas mind, that made me want to work on her “Vintage Japanese” view of this lovely tailor-made coat, the most Japanese way I know. Minimal. I will accompany my pictures inside the pool, with her selected japanese prints as I really loved how it all came together. Please follow her Facebook page “DANAI-Vintage” and give her a thumbs up. All clothes are second-hand and for sale in great prices! More to come soon!


In bloom with Danai-Vintage

bright tailor made maxi dress

bright tailor made maxi dress

bright tailor made maxi dress

bright tailor made maxi dress

bright tailor made maxi dress

bright tailor made maxi dress

How about those old precious clothes? Filled with memories, moments, life and the occasional rebellious threads coming out of the seams? Sometimes, as everything in this world, they have completed their own circle in someone’s life and are ready to be freshly reimagined and re-owned. I am all about sharing clothes. Sometimes I even believe that other people’s clothes suit me better than my own, so when the case is so, that one of your good friends asks you to wear those pre-loved clothes, style and shoot them as a part of the lovely “Danai-Vintage” project (link below), then it can not get any better!

Since I want my posts to have some consistency in their color palettes, I will not post everything at once, but rather one shooting at a time. It is more fun that way too and I will also be able to fill my “Mini Editorial” Category on the right, with some interesting stuff, plus give me some post-worthy material, as I am too busy this time of the year to be posting more than once or twice a month. Will be back soon though, I promise!

Enjoy Sofia’s pre-owned clothes (some of them are of well known brands and a real bargain, believe me!) here:

Visit her new page Danai-Vintage, for more material and info!