Monemvasia, a place for dreams

If I could travel to different places as often as I wish to, I think it would fulfill many gaps in my life. Wandering, discovering, trying, tasting, taking photos, becoming a part of a different place for a while. It can give you so much more. It can teach you so much more as well.

This time, it was just a plain excuse for a quick escape. You know, the best friend, girls-only kind. The best kind in fact. I had the pleasure to be hosted in a beautiful house amidst the orange tree fields in the outskirts of Sparta. A lovely cottage and a great place to start your day with a coffee mug overlooking all the greenery with olive and orange trees as far as the eye can see, up until the peaks of Taigetos mountain. Our escape was planned, camera battery full, few snacks for the way and lots of things to talk about in the car! And there we were! About 1,5 hour later, we were entering into this magical old castle, a place of fairytales, old houses, little shops, quiet narrow streets, sleepy cats, smiley travelers and rich history. A place I would gladly choose for my permanent home and one I left with a definite promise to return to very soon.















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