DIY Christmas decorations (Christmas Stars)

This year Christmas came back home. And by home I mean my parent’s house, where I grew up and after my dad died was abandoned, as my mom couldn’t stay in such a “negatively” charged environment any more. So it remained empty for 5 years. Difficult, challenging and sad years where we had to go through a lot, but managed to come out of it much stronger and wise. My mom still lives in her apartment in the city center, but I desperately needed to go back. Not only because I had missed the only place I genuinely had happy memories in, I also missed being in a place where everything, despite the house’s problems, seemed familiar. About the sad atmosphere, I actually don’t see it that way. This place has always had ghosts anyways, but they were friendly and kind of protective. You know, books have souls in them. And boy, do we not have some of them. That is how I remember my dad. Hidden behind piles of books, literally buried in his armchair, endlessly studying. He always was the one bringing the Christmas tree home. And he would read to us a thing or two, while we were decorating it with my sister. That is what I remember and that is what I tried to bring back a little this year.

As I was searching for our reeeeally old Christmas decorations, inside carton boxes, hidden in the basement, I realized that this year I would like to make some of my own. Just for the fun of it. Really simple, almost childish, super fast and easy Christmas DIY decoration for this years lovely tree. The first one is a Christmas Star with the most simple materials out there. Ice cream sticks, glue and glitter! I think the pictures speak for themselves, there is no description needed. Actually they were so many pictures that I added in order for the instructions to be clear, that I had to make a part 2 for the second decoration! Ok, give it a try, it is fun! 🙂

DIY Christmas decorations_Christmas Stars

Tip: I chose to make it a bit more minimal and simple, but you can add anything you like on it, or decorate the center of the star as well.

Part 2 will be online soon! Share if you liked it! Especially on Pinterest!


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