DIY Dreamcatcher and dreams…

I have always been a dreamer. I ‘ve mentioned it before. Lately I ‘ve felt inspired in so many ways and found so many new things to dream about, that I almost feel complete only by dreaming of them. Is that absurd? I think not, as I am sure that many people like me find a much cozier place inside their heads than outside. I have nothing against dreams becoming a reality (on the contrary), I just think that very few people can say that they have what they’ve always dreamed of and that will surely only be for a specific period of time in their lives. That is because dreaming is constant. And yes, it has to do with the greedy nature of humans, but is also has to do with imagination, possibilities, knowledge, inspiration and awe. Yes, awe of things bigger and brighter. Awe of our own endless capabilities inside our heads and the spontaneous necessity of bringing this almost drug-like feeling to life. Dreams are not meant to be real. They would lose all their magic. Dreams are meant to be surreal and much greater that us and that is why they pop like a delicate bubble once they are achieved and the new need is suddenly transferred onto a much greater dream. But dreams are our good selves, the ones that push us do better, go further, or just change the mundane. Cause isn’t this what we all want? To escape to something marvelous? To re-enchant our realities?


  1. You will need a ring made out of metal, wood, plastic, etc. I re-used the DIY Christmas Wreath base that I made back in January and was almost dry now. I did not want to throw it away, so I thought this could be a new use for it. I took the wooden base and just covered it with natural string, leaving only the hanging tip with the wood part visible. This gave it a natural feel and created all these uneven curves all around, that I actually think look kind of cute. 🙂
  2. To create the inside, just take a string (any strong kind will do – I used waxed multicoloured string) make a knot on the top side of loop, think of how many even “pieces” your ring could be separated in and start moving clockwise, wrapping the string around the ring with one simple loop in each imaginary tip. Every time you create a new piece, pull the string to be as tight as possible.
  3. When the first circle is over, wrap it around at the top, go half a piece backwards (to gain the needed space) and continue doing the same thing, now making the loops on the mid point of each string line. The first formed triangles, should start looking as a diamond shape now. Continue like this until you reach the centre of the ring and tie well. In all this procedure you can add as many beads as you like.
  4. When this part is finished, you can hang anything you like at the bottom of the dreamcatcher, such as feathers, more beads, strings or anything else that you see fit for your design!

Happy dreaming!

IMG_7198 copy

IMG_7208 copy

IMG_7224 copy

IMG_7227 copy

IMG_7328 copy

IMG_7231 copy

IMG_7234 copy

IMG_7240 copy

IMG_7256 copy

IMG_7261 copy

IMG_7280 copy

IMG_7268 copy

IMG_7271 copy

IMG_7324 copy

IMG_7340 copy

IMG_7288 copy

IMG_7284 copy

IMG_7296 copy

IMG_7330 copy

IMG_7339 copy

IMG_7447 copy

IMG_7411 copy

IMG_7463 copy



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